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Four Most Effective Bee Removal Tips

Four Most Effective Bee Removal Tips

Bees at times come in and shelter themselves in your homes while seeking a place for nesting. These insects generally prefer darker areas that are safe for them. Hence, chimneys and wall void best serve their purpose. The living spaces that are exposed to outside are highly vulnerable to bee infestations.

The bees that live in the wall voids sometimes fly inside via the electrical outlets, cracks in the walls, and baseboards. This can often be dangerous as these bees can sting human beings.  Hence, it is important to take the necessary precautions and remove the bees. Here are some simple yet effective bee removal tips that can help you.

Top Tips For Bee Removal

  1. Avoid These Two Common Mistakes
  • Leaving Off Honey In Walls And Floors Of The House : Imagine you have killed all the bees successfully and everything looks fixed. A few weeks later you get an unusual smell and notice a sticky thing coming via your ceiling and realize there is honey inside that bee nest. Now, that nest yet requires to be eliminated, and the whole ceiling replaced. Hence, whenever you go for bee removal, ensure along with the bees, the comb and honey are also removed.
  • Not Blocking The Entry Point Of The Bees Properly : Just removing the bees, comb, and honey is not enough. The entry point itself should be sealed properly for keeping out those bees permanently. The bees were successful finding that place firstly, so they can return to that place again.
  1. Take The Necessary Precautions

Bees are at times unpredictable and may sting you without your awareness. Make sure you take all the necessary precautions when going for bee removal. You can consider wearing the beekeeping suits, which protect and safeguard the hands, face, and the entire body from bees. Sometimes people still get stung by the bees irrespective of the precautions. If you aren’t confident enough about handling things yourself, call for a professional bee removal service right away.

  1. Know How To Detect You Bee Issue

If you notice tiny black and yellow stripped jackets or amber-looking bees in your house, be pretty sure that there is possibly a nest somewhere or the other inside the building. To know from where those bees are coming, take a walk around your house. It is advisable to do so in the daytime when it’s sunny (60 to 90 degrees) as the bees are most active at that time.

  1. Removing Bees At The Swimming Pool

The honey bees get more attracted to salty water pools. This may be surprising, but it is true. This takes place mostly during the times when the nectar flow isn’t that strong, typically between February and March. Choose a cloudy day for removing bees at the swimming pool as it will be easier for you to see the bees against the cloudy sky when you look up.

Getting bees in your structure is very common. So do not panic about the issue. Although it requires a bit effort and time, bee removal is not that difficult. A professional service is always best for the purpose as it saves time and delivers the most desirable results.